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Get to Product-Market fit faster by staying close to your users
OpenQ helps Startup Founders find and talk to prospective users regularly by automating & streamlining the process of finding users to talk to & scheduling user interviews.
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OpenQ helps you find and talk to more prospective users in less time so that you can understand your users better than anyone else and get to Product-Market fit faster.
How it Works
OpenQ works in in three simple steps. Get started in < 5 minutes.
Setup a study in OpenQ to get started.
Setup a Study
Connect your Calendar and Zoom account. Get started quickly with default settings or fine-tune recruiting & scheduling settings to suit your needs.
OpenQ Scheduler - Invite prospective users from LinkedIn for an interview using the OpenQ Recruiter browser extension.
Invite target users
Install our browser extension for Chrome or Edge. Search for target user profiles on LinkedIn and invite them to a user interview with just two clicks.
OpenQ Recruiter helps you book user research and customer development interviews with participants.
Book interviews automatically
Invited users accept your invitation and schedule a meeting on your calendar based on your availability & scheduling settings.
Use cases
How Startup Founders use OpenQ
Startup Founders use OpenQ to stay close to prospective users at each stage of the company and product-building lifecycle — from problem-identification to finding customers.
Customer discovery
Interview prospective users to discover customer pain points, understand existing workflows, tools and workarounds.
Competitive research
Talk to prospective users to identify their current tools and discover their strength and weaknesses.
Product or Feature ideation
Interview prospective users and brainstorm to generate ideas for new products and features.
Solution hypotheses validation
Present your early solutions to prospective users and get directional feedback on if solution solves the user's problem.
Startup sales
Find early adopters and "reference customers" as you bring new products or solutions to market.
Usability testing
Test prototypes, mockups, and MVPs with prospective users to vet usability and identify improvement areas.
Automate the process of talking to prospective users
Reduce the time and effort needed to find and talk to your prospective users by up to 10x with OpenQ.
LinkedIn optimized
Tap into the power of LinkedIn
With the OpenQ Recruiter browser extension, you can invite practically anyone on LinkedIn to an interview with just two clicks. Use LinkedIn's powerful search and rich profile data to quickly identify exactly the right users for your business.
OpenQ Recruiter helps you invite participants on LinkedIn to user research and customer development interviews.
Global reach
Source hard-to-reach users
If your target user profile is part of LinkedIn's 800 million user community, you can invite them for a user interview with OpenQ. It's that simple. You can expect about 80% of your invites to reach target users.
With OpenQ Recruiter chrome extension, you can easily invite hard-to-reach demographics that you will not 
          find in traditional research panels.
Scheduling automation
Automate time-consuming scheduling tasks
Automate time-consuming tasks like finding availability, creating calendar invites, rescheduling and cancelling sessions, sending meeting reminders and more, so that you can focus on talking to more users in less time.
Simplify and automate your user research and customer development scheduling workflow with OpenQ Scheduler.
Workload balancing
Round-robin scheduling
Distribute meetings evenly among teammates by turning on round-robin scheduling mode. In this mode, meetings are routed to teammates' calendars in round-robin order automatically.
OpenQ Scheduler helps you do round-robin scheduling to automatically assign meetings on your team's calendar 
          in a round-robin fashion.
Team scheduling
Find availability across multiple calendars
Automatically coordinate availability among your entire team's calendar by connecting them all. Then select how you want to identify bookable calendar slots by either opting to maximize availability or maximize attendance.
OpenQ Scheduler helps you find the best availability among teammates using two strategies – 
          to maximize availability or maximize attendance.
Fine-grained control
Advanced scheduling settings
Add Zoom video conferencing, schedule meetings over rolling or fixed date windows, set daily / weekly available hours, add required and optional attendees, schedule across timezones, and much more.
OpenQ Scheduler provides multiple advanced scheduling settings to tailor your scheduling workflow to your specific needs.
Fair pricing
Only pay for what you use
All our pricing plans are volume-based & we measure volume by # of sessions completed. Choose to pay-as-you-go or subscribe to a monthly or yearly plan for sustained use.
OpenQ has simple and fair pricing plans that are volume-based and scales with your usage.
Learn how to recruit and schedule users with OpenQ
Find the right participants fast with OpenQ Recruiter. Book sessions automatically with OpenQ Scheduler.
OpenQ Recruiter is a browser extension for Chrome and Edge that empowers Researchers to invite anyone on LinkedIn to user research and customer discovery interviews.
OpenQ Recruiter
OpenQ Recruiter is a browser extension that enables you to invite anyone on LinkedIn to a user research session with just two clicks. Say goodbye to opaque panels & messy screeners!
OpenQ Scheduler is a web-app that simplifies and automates the scheduling process for user research sessions.
OpenQ Scheduler
OpenQ Scheduler converts the research invites you send into booked sessions on your calendar automatically. It's packed with tons of great features to streamline your scheduling workflow.

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