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Conduct B2B user interviews, market research interviews, & surveys with 100% LinkedIn-verified participants while automating away all the tedious parts of the research process.
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Recruit and schedule participants for B2B SaaS user research and customer development with OpenQ.
Chrome / Edge Extension
Recruit users interview participants directly from LinkedIn
Find, recruit and schedule user interviews with target users from LinkedIn with a secure and streamlined workflow.
Recruit from 150M+ audience in 100+ countries
Schedule sessions on your calendar automatically
Automate incentive payments easily
OpenQ Recruiter browser extension for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge
Fully Featured
Streamline your research ops workflow for user interviews and surveys.
Scale recruiting. Automate scheduling. Pay incentives to participants and obtain informed consent easily.
LinkedIn Recruiting Extension
Use our browser extension for Chrome / Edge to recruit research participants from LinkedIn yourself.
Recruit from OpenQ B2B Panel New
Recruit 100% LinkedIn-verified participants using 18 granular B2B targeting filters.
Advanced Screener workflows
Target participants with screeners with advanced skip-logic and automatic approve/reject logic.
Informed Consent Automation Beta
Automate collecting NDAs and informed consent from participants using automated e-signature workflow.
Online User Interviews
Recruit users for online user interviews over Zoom, Google Meet or any other conferencing tool.
User Interviews
Phone-based User Interviews
Recruit users for phone-based interviews using direct-dial or any audio-conferencing solution.
User Interviews
In-person User Research
Recruit users for in-person research sessions at a specific location of your choice.
User Interviews
B2B Survey Platform New
Run surveys with LinkedIn-verified B2B respondents with granular targeting filters and an optional screener.
Automated incentive payments
Automate research incentive payments to participants in 100+ countries with one-click.
Multiple currencies supported
Pay incentives to participants in 100+ countries in five different currencies (USD, EUR, CAD, AUD, GBP).
Flexible redemption methods
Participants can redeem incentives using gift cards, virtual visa, cash or donation to charity.
Multi-player scheduling workflows
Use advanced settings to automate scheduling sessions on your team's calendar effortlessly.
Round-robin scheduling
Distribute research sessions evenly in round-robin order on teammates' calendars to balance workload.
Zoom integration
Connect your Zoom account to create unique Zoom meeting invites for every research session.
Google Calendar integration
Connect your Google Calendar to automate scheduling research sessions on your Google calendar.
Outlook Calendar integration
Connect your Outlook Calendar to automate scheduling research sessions on your Outlook calendar.
Automatic reminders
Get thoughtful and automatic reminders at every stage of your research ops workflow.
Managed Users
Invite users to view or collaborate on research studies easily and revoke access with a single click.
Granular Access Control
Control view and edit permissions to both your workspace and individual studies easily with a few clicks.
Real-time collaboration
Collaborate with teammates in real-time with instant push updates for all data in your workspace.
Secure by design
Your workspace data is secured and access-controlled via authentication and role-based authorization.
End-to-End encryption
Network traffic is encrypted using TLS. Data at rest is encrypted using encrypted storage volumes.
Priority Support via Slack
Get priority support via a dedicated Slack channel for your team (Starter & Business plan customers).
Email Support
Get dedicated support via email for any questions or issues that you can't solve yourself.
Focus on doing research. Let OpenQ handle the ops.
Research operations can be tedious and time-consuming. OpenQ automates these repetitive tasks so that your entire team can focus on what's important – doing more research.
OpenQ Recruiter
Recruit the right participants fast
Use our browser extension to find your prospective users on LinkedIn. Invite participants with just two clicks. Recruit users for research, customer development, or sales. The possibilities are endless!
OpenQ Recruiter helps you invite participants on LinkedIn to user research and customer development interviews.
OpenQ Scheduler
Schedule interviews automatically
Scheduling interviews with users can be hard. It usually takes a lot of back-and-forth over email. Well – not anymore! Use OpenQ Scheduler to automate your user interview scheduling process end-to-end.
Using OpenQ, you can schedule interviews automatically with prospective users without requiring 
        any back-and-forth over email.
Built for B2B Product & Research teams
OpenQ is built for Research and Product teams in B2B SaaS companies.
OpenQ for User Researchers
UX Researchers & Designers
Boost your teams's UX research throughput by up to 10x by automating the time-consuming recruiting & scheduling processes with OpenQ.
OpenQ for Product Managers
Product Managers
Build your product roadmap with the voice of your users. Save up to 10 hours per week by automating the research recruiting & scheduling process.
OpenQ for B2B SaaS Startup Founders
B2B SaaS Startup Founders
Identify customer pain points, validate solution hypotheses, get early users or recruit reference customers for your startup.
Use cases
How teams use OpenQ
B2B Product, Research and Startup Founding teams use OpenQ to find and talk to users to understand their users, build better products and get to Product-Market fit faster.
Customer discovery
Interview prospective users to discover customer pain points, understand existing workflows, tools and workarounds.
User research
Perform qualitative user research using techniques like user interviews, card sorting, tree testing, field visits, etc.
Competitive research
Talk to prospective users to identify their current tools and discover their strength and weaknesses.
Solution hypotheses validation
Present your early solutions to prospective users and get directional feedback on if solution solves the user's problem.
Usability testing
Test prototypes, mockups, and MVPs with prospective users to vet usability and identify improvement areas.
Startup sales
Find early adopters and reference customers faster using sales discovery interviews with prospective users.
Explore the Features
Find the right participants fast with OpenQ Recruiter. Book sessions automatically with OpenQ Scheduler.
OpenQ Recruiter is a browser extension for Chrome and Edge that empowers Researchers to invite anyone on LinkedIn to user research and customer discovery interviews.
OpenQ Recruiter
OpenQ Recruiter is a browser extension that enables you to invite anyone on LinkedIn to a user research session with just two clicks. Say goodbye to opaque panels & messy screeners!
OpenQ Scheduler is a web-app that simplifies and automates the scheduling process for user research sessions.
OpenQ Scheduler
OpenQ Scheduler converts the research invites you send into booked sessions on your calendar automatically. It's packed with tons of great features to streamline your scheduling workflow.

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