User Interviews
B2B User Interviews done right
Effortlessly screen, recruit, schedule and conduct user interviews with your ideal B2B audience with a streamlined research ops workflow.
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B2B professional engaged in a user interview or discussion with a Researcher over a Zoom call with an overlay showing the study status.
Two Powerful Recruitment Options
Choose from two options – a full-service B2B Research Panel or a self-service Recruiting Browser Extension.
OpenQ app UI showing the Participant Targeting step of the study setup process with person and company-level B2B targeting filters.
B2B Research Panel
Specify your target audience using 15+ B2B filters. OpenQ handles participant screening, recruitment, scheduling & incentive payments end-to-end.
All participants are Verified
Recruit any B2B audience in any english-speaking geo
Automate every step of your research workflow
Premium, low-touch option
OpenQ's browser extension with open side-panel.
Research Recruiting Browser Extension
Take a hands-on approach to search for your target audience & invite them to participate in user interviews using the extension.
Recruit from an audience of 150M+ B2B professionals
Add a Screener for more control
Automate Scheduling and Incentive payments
Cost-effective, high-touch option
Powerful Features to Optimize Your User Interview Workflow
Harness a comprehensive set of features to optimize all aspects for your user interview workflow, from participant recruitment to incentive payment.
100% verified participants
All participants recruited by OpenQ are verified, ensuring a reliable and authentic pool of participants for your research studies.
3 participants with a single participant's profile details highlighted.
Screen participants easily
Use powerful and customizable screening questionnaires with branching and auto-approval logic to screen participants for specific behavioral attributes.
Interface for adding a question to the Screener questionnaire with background view of a Single-Select question.
Automate scheduling tasks
Automate your scheduling workflow – generate calendar invites with Zoom / Google Meet meeting links, get timely reminders, and cancel & reschedule sessions easily.
OpenQ app UI screener showing the calendar view for participants plus an overlay image showing booked sessions with participants.
Pay incentives automatically
Distribute incentives yourself or automate it through OpenQ with one-click. Offer a variety of redemption options to participants.
OpenQ app UI showing session status as Completed and incentive status as Paid plus an overlay image showing different incentive redemption methods available to participants.
Use powerful integrations
OpenQ integrates with the tools that you already use to streamline your workflow, from booking calendar invites, to creating video conferencing links & paying incentives.
Icons of apps and services that OpenQ integrates with to streamline user research operations for Researchers.
Get Started Easily
Effortlessly launch your user interview studies in three simple steps.
Create a new B2B User Interview study on OpenQ
Create a Study
Create a new user interview study either recruiting from the OpenQ B2B Panel or browser extension.
OpenQ app study setup dashboard with targeting tab visible.
Configure Study Details
Enter the study details, along with any relevant scheduling, targeting, screening and incentive settings.
OpenQ app with study participants and an overlay showing the study status.
Let OpenQ handle the rest
OpenQ finds, screens and recruits participants, books sessions, automates reminders, incentives and more.
How Teams use User Interviews
Product, Research, Design and Marketing teams use OpenQ to address diverse research needs across multiple use cases.
Generative user research
Discover customer needs and pain points through customer discovery interviews with different customer segments.
Evaluative user research
Validate your solutions and evaluate your prototypes or designs through moderated usability testing.
Market research
Unearth B2B market opportunities through in depth interviews with your target customer segments.
Competitive research
Evaluate your competition through targeted interviews with your competition's target audience.
Expert interviews
Conduct interviews with domain or industry experts to discover unique insights & make data-driven decisions.
Marketing research & enablement
Optimize your marketing messaging & campaigns with targeted insights from your B2B customer segments.
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