Powerful Screeners for your research studies
Efficiently qualify participants for your studies and optimize your recruiting workflow with powerful and customizable screening questionnaires.
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OpenQ Screener interface; interface for creating the Screener by adding questions; images of Participants with their qualification status.
Powerful screening capabilities at your fingertips
Screen study participants efficiently using powerful screener questionnaires designed for speed and flexibility.
Question Types
8 dynamic question types
Select from a wide range of question types, including yes/no, single-select, multi-select, open question, rating, number, date, and location to create a comprehensive screener.
Interface for adding a question to the Screener questionnaire with background view of a Single-Select question.
Approval Logic
Automated approval logic
Efficiently filter participants with automatic approval or rejection based on their responses to your screener questions.
Logic for automated Screener Approve / Reject logic with three sample Participants answering three screener questions.
Branching Logic
Advanced branching logic
Guide users through a personalized screener experience using advanced skip logic based on their responses.
8 question Screener questionnaire with branching logic.
Question Flow
Optimized question flow for better engagement
With a distraction-free interface and single question displayed per screen, participants focus on each question one at a time, resulting in higher screener completion rates.
Interface for answering the Screener questionnaire showing one-question-at-a-time view for optimized question flow and engagement.
Real-Time preview and testing
Preview and test your screeners as you build it, including branching and approval logic, ensuring a seamless experience for your participants.
Real-time preview and testing capabilities of OpenQ Screener questionnaires.
Integrates seamlessly with your research process
Screeners integrate seamlessly into your recruiting workflow to give you more control over selected research participants.
Interface for building Screener questionnaires.
Build Your Screener
Design your custom screening questionnaire using multiple question types and advanced branching logic.
Interface showing three participants with completed screener responses; one passed, one failed and one manual review needed.
Collect Responses
Share your screener with prospective participants, allowing them to easily submit their responses.
Ability to manually approve and reject screener respondents.
Auto-Qualify or Review
Let OpenQ auto-approve eligible participants or route responses to your research team for manual review.
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