Research Incentives
Research incentives simplified
Effortlessly track, manage and distribute incentives to your research participants, so your team can focus on doing great research.
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Participants with session status, incentive payment status and incentive payment options – Pre-paid Visa card, Gift card, Cash and Donation to Charity.
Flexible Incentive Management Options to Suit Your Needs
Select how you want to handle incentives – do it yourself or let OpenQ automate it for you.
Do It Yourself
Pay incentives yourself
Pay incentives yourself – you're in full control of distributing incentives to participants after each session. Mark it as Paid to preserve an audit trail inside OpenQ.
OpenQ dashboard showing two participants and incentive control panel for one participant with option to mark incentive as Paid or Held.
Or, Automate with OpenQ
Let OpenQ automatically distribute incentives to participants after each research session on your behalf, saving you valuable time and effort.
OpenQ dashboard showing two participants and incentive control panel for one participant with incentive status as Paid.
Effortlessly Set Up Automated Incentive Payments
Get started in just a few clicks by connecting your card and enabling automation when setting up your study.
Create a new User Interview or Survey study on OpenQ
Create a Study
Create a new research study or modify the Incentive settings for an an existing study from your workspace.
Configure incentive settings for a study
Enable 1-click automation
Enable our 1-click incentive automation by connecting your card during the study setup process. That's it.
Auto-distribute incentives to participants after they are marked as Complete.
Distribute incentives automatically
As sessions complete, OpenQ automatically charges your card and triggers incentive distribution to participants.
Offer a Variety of Options
Provide a variety of incentive redemption options to your research participants, globally with OpenQ's Tremendous integration.
Prepaid Visa card for research participation.
Prepaid Cards
Allow your participants to redeem their incentives as Prepaid Visa® cards with, both virtual and physical (US only).
Amazon gift card for research participation.
Gift Cards
Reward your participants with gift cards from 700+ popular retailers across the globe in 80+ countries.
Cash incentive for research participation.
Cash Payouts
Enable participants to redeem incentives as cash rewards using ACH (US-only), Paypal (80+ countries) or Venmo.
Donation to Charity (American Red Cross) as a method of redeeming research incentive.
Charity Donations
Allow participants to donate their incentives to top global charities, like the Red Cross or Children International.
Stay In Control with Tracking and Notifications
Efficiently manage and monitor your research incentive payments with intuitive dashboards and workflow notifications.
Incentive payment tracking
Monitor incentive payment status at study and workspace level with intuitive dashboards, so you always know where you stand with your incentives.
An intuitive dashboard showing Incentives summary for a study and a Payout Summary table summarizing the distributed incentives.
Workflow notifications
Receive timely email reminders to mark sessions as Completed or No-Show for automated incentive processing or to distribute incentives manually.
Email notification to Research team to mark Session as No-Show or Complete to trigger auto-processing incentives.
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