Effortless scheduling for your research studies
Simplify your research scheduling workflow — eliminate back-and-forth, coordinate availability across teammates, & schedule sessions on the calendar automatically.
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OpenQ Scheduler helps you automate scheduling user interviews end-to-end. No more back-and-forth over email. Just connect your calendar and invite some users and watch interviews get booked on your calendar automatically.
Powerful and Integrated Scheduling Features
Eliminate manual back-and-forth and third-party scheduling tools with OpenQ's powerful and integrated research scheduling solution.
Calendar Integration
Use Your Google or Outlook Calendar
Connect your Google or Outlook calendar to get started. All sessions booked through OpenQ automatically obeys your calendar's availability and out-of-office settings.
OpenQ Scheduler helps book meetings on your calendar automatically without needing any back-and-forth email exchange.
Workload balancing
Schedule in Round-robin order
Distribute research workload evenly among teammates with round-robin mode. Selected teammates will be assigned as Meeting Host in round-robin order automatically.
OpenQ Scheduler helps you do round-robin scheduling to automatically assign meetings on your 
          team's calendar in a round-robin fashion.
Team scheduling
Coordinate across multiple calendars
Coordinate across multiple teammates' calendars by connecting them all and selecting the rules for availability by either maximizing availability or maximizing attendance.
OpenQ Scheduler helps you find the best availability among teammates using two strategies – 
          to maximize availability or maximize attendance.
Zoom / Google Meet
Add video conferencing
Connect your Zoom or Google Meet account to generate unique meeting links for each scheduled session automatically.
OpenQ Scheduler integrates with your Zoom account to automatically create unique Zoom meeting 
          links for your scheduled sessions.
Automatic email reminders
Reduce no-show rates with automatic email notifications sent to participants. Come prepared for every session with automatic email notifications to the session host.
OpenQ sends automatic session reminders and notifications to you and your participants to reduce no-show rates.
Optimized Workflow
Reschedule or Cancel easily
Reschedule or Cancel sessions easily either directly from your Calendar or from your study's dashboard.
OpenQ Scheduler lets you cancel or reschedule booked meetings easily with one click.
Scheduling Window
Rolling or fixed scheduling
Enable continuous user research by scheduling with a rolling availability window, or conduct fixed-duration studies by scheduling with a fixed-duration availability window.
OpenQ Scheduler lets you schedule user research sessions on fixed dates or continuously on a rolling basis.
Availability config
Flexible availability configuration
Select the exact hours in the day and week that you want to dedicate for your research studies. Sessions will only be scheduled in those time periods.
OpenQ Scheduler lets you control which hours in the day or week you want to allocate towards conducting 
          user research sessions.
Team scheduling
Required and Optional attendees
Add any number of optional or required attendees to your research sessions easily.
OpenQ Scheduler gives you the option of inviting additional attendees to your user research sessions and 
          designate them as required or optional.
Timezone enabled
Multiple Timezones supported
Get seamless scheduling across multiple timezones out of the box.
OpenQ Scheduler support multiple timezones out of the box with no configuration required at your end.
Scheduling notice
Minimum scheduling notice
Set a minimum scheduling notice for scheduling sessions so that you are never caught off-guard and have sufficient time to prepare for every session.
OpenQ Scheduler lets you set a minimum scheduling notice for participants to book sessions on your 
          calendar allowing you enough time to prepare for sessions.
Scheduling buffer
Minimum buffer between meetings
Set a minimum buffer before and after each session to leave sufficient time for preparation, pre-brief and debrief for each session.
OpenQ Scheduler lets you set a minimum buffer before and after meetings to ensure you have time 
          for prep and debrief before and after sessions.
Start-time flexibility
Flexible start times
Select the frequency of displayed bookable slots, e.g., every 15, 30, 60 minutes. Use this setting to control when and how often sessions can be scheduled in a day.
OpenQ Scheduler lets you choose the frequency of displayed start times for booking sessions.
Get Started Easily
Get started with scheduling your research sessions with OpenQ in a few simple steps.
Connect your Google or Microsoft calendar to get started.
Connect your Calendar
Connect your own and teammates' Google or Outlook calendars with OpenQ to unlock powerful scheduling features.
Configure scheduling settings for study.
Configure scheduling settings
Create a study and configure the scheduling settings. Roll with pre-built defaults or customize it per your exact needs.
Launch study to schedule sessions.
Launch Study
Launch the study. Invited participants use OpenQ's scheduling tool to book sessions on your team's calendar.
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Learn how Recruitment Works
Choose from two options – a full-service B2B Research Panel or a self-service Recruiting Browser Extension.
OpenQ app UI showing the Participant Targeting step of the study setup process with person and company-level B2B targeting filters.
B2B Research Panel
Define your desired audience with 15+ B2B criteria. OpenQ manages participant screening, recruitment, scheduling, and incentive distribution end-to.
OpenQ's browser extension with open side-panel.
Research Recruiting Browser Extension
Take a hands-on approach to search & find your target B2B audience and invite them to research sessions with this extension.

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