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Research recruiting browser extension for LinkedIn
Recruit high-quality B2B participants for user research studies directly from LinkedIn in just a few clicks with OpenQ's browser extension.
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OpenQ Recruiting Browser Extension for LinkedIn
Streamlined Research Recruiting for LinkedIn
Recruit high-quality, targeted B2B research participants from LinkedIn easily in just a few clicks:
1Search for target participants on LinkedIn.
2 Click Shortlist to shortlist participants.
3 Add an optional personalized message. Hit Send.
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OpenQ B2B Recruiting Browser Extension for LinkedIn with hot spots tooltips.
Get Started Easily
Get started with recruiting research participants from LinkedIn in a few simple steps.
OpenQ Recruiter helps you search and invite participants on LinkedIn to user research and customer development interviews.
Search on LinkedIn
Search for your target participant profiles on LinkedIn. Filter by location, industry, job title, company or keyword.
OpenQ Recruiter invite participants on LinkedIn to user research and customer development interviews.
Shortlist & Invite participants
Shortlist participants that fit your targeted profile. Then click Send to invite them to research sessions.
OpenQ Recruiter helps you book user research and customer development interviews with participants.
Get sessions booked
OpenQ automates outreach, screening and scheduling to book research sessions on your calendar automatically.
Fully Featured
OpenQ's browser extension is purpose-built for B2B research recruiting on LinkedIn. If your target participants are on LinkedIn, you can recruit them with the extension.
B2B Optimized
Unlock 150M+ B2B participants
Reach 150M+ potential B2B research participants across 75+ industries and 100+ geographies with just a few clicks. No other B2B research panel can provide you with this flexibility.
OpenQ Recruiter browser extension helps you invite participants on LinkedIn to user research interviews.
LinkedIn Free enabled
Start with a Free LinkedIn account
Search target participants using LinkedIn's search filters, like location, industry, company, language, or keyword. No LinkedIn Premium subscription is needed to start.
LinkedIn Free and Premium subscription tiers with check marks indicating compatibility with OpenQ.
LinkedIn Recruiter enabled
Or, Use with LinkedIn Recruiter
OpenQ's browser extension integrates seamless with LinkedIn Recruiter to unlock additional targeting capabilities like job function, job title, skills, seniority, and more.
LinkedIn Free, Premium and Recruiter subscription tiers with check marks indicating compatibility with OpenQ.
Automated outreach
Automate outreach sequences
OpenQ automates invite outreach on your team's behalf with scheduled follow-up sequences and automated reminders to increase your outreach conversion rate.
Three research participation invites in sequence.
Personalization enabled
Personalize outreach, if needed
Optionally, personalize any research invite by providing additional context and personalization for the invitee to increase your outreach conversion rates.
You can personalize each invite message before sending to prospective participants.
Simple Scheduling
Simplify scheduling workflow
Benefit from OpenQ's scheduling automation, including automated calendar bookings, video-conference integrations, and simple rescheduling / cancellation workflows
OpenQ app UI screener showing the calendar view for participants plus an overlay image showing booked sessions with participants.
Multi-channel enabled
Conduct research on any medium
Conduct studies over any medium, whether it's Online, via Phone, or In-person. Simply choose your preferred channel during the study setup process.
Using OpenQ Recruiter, you can talk to participants for user research and customer discovery interviews on any medium - 
          be it online, over the phone or in-person.
Automated Incentives
Distribute incentives easily
Distribute incentives yourself or automate it through OpenQ with one-click. Offer a variety of redemption options to participants.
OpenQ app UI showing session status as Completed and incentive status as Paid plus an overlay image showing different incentive redemption methods available to participants.
OpenQ Vs. Traditional Research Panels
Traditional research panels often suffer from built-in bias & misalignment between Researcher and Participant incentives.
Research panels, unlike OpenQ, are opaque by design.
Opaque by Design
Traditional research panels are often opaque by design, making it difficult to judge the quality of participants.
Research panels are biassed towards incentive-seeking demographics.
Built-in Bias
Traditional research panels are often biased towards demographics that value research incentives more favorably than others.
Research panels are vulnerable to people lying on screening questionnaires.
Over-reliance on Screeners
Traditional research panels often over-rely on screeners, which can be gamed by "professional test-takers"
OpenQ Was Built to Overcome These Challenges
OpenQ overcomes these challenges by giving you complete control over the participant targeting and selection process using LinkedIn:
100% LinkedIn-verified participants
Detailed socially-verified participant profile & company data
Complete participant targeting transparency
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B2B Research Panel
Introducing OpenQ B2B Research Panel
Retain all the benefits of recruiting high-quality B2B research participants from LinkedIn while avoiding the work of searching and inviting participants yourself.
OpenQ app study setup dashboard with targeting tab visible.

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